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Ovulation and Spermatogenesis Induction by Pulsatile Administration of Gonadotrophin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) and Luteinizing Hormone Releasing Hormone (LHRH)

Link to Detailed Page on GnRH and LHRH Research

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Insulin Metabolism Modeling and Simulation in Diabetes Care

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Articles Describing Early Analog and Digital Designs

Link to Page describing the Maplin Electronic Music Synthesisers
  1. 'The International Music Synthesisers', first published in 'Electronics Today International' (Aust) in 1977 as a series of articles in 1973/1974. republished as "The MAPLIN 3800 & 5600s Stereo Synthesisers" Maplin Electronics Ltd, 1979, Trevor Marshall and Barry Wilkinson
    User group site by Mike Tillman, UK.

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Papers Written by Staff members

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Feature Articles and Columns written for, a CMP Publication, 1999 to date

Click here to link to full index of on-line articles

'Antennas Enhance WLAN Security' in, October, 2001
Toshiba's Libretto L1 Crusoe Subnotebook July 16, 2001
Gigabit Over Copper And VoIP May, 2001
SuSE Linux 7.1 -- 2.4.0 Kernel And More March 12, 2001
Don't Bogart That MPEG Decoder February 05, 2001
In Computer Audio, More Samples Matter January 08, 2001
DVD Audio Part 2: Sounding Good December 11, 2000
DVD Audio Part I Of II: DVD Audio CDs December 04, 2000
Digital Pixels October 16, 2000
Open Source Video September 11, 2000
Prepping Video For DVD And Web August 14, 2000
Make Your Own DVDs And SuperVCDs July 17, 2000
The D-Link DI-701 Residential Gateway June 12, 2000
Movies On The Internet May 29, 2000
What's The Video Equivalent Of MP3? April 10, 2000
Of CPU Emulation, Crusoe, The ARM, And x86 February 14, 2000
Prepping A SOHO IP Network To Connect To The Net January 17, 2000
King Hardware Is Dead, Long Live Queen Content December 13, 1999
Put 1.7MB Onto 1.44MB Floppies November 08, 1999
Adding DHCP, 100BaseT To Your Linux Gateway October 11, 1999
Increasing Your Masquerading Gateway Security September 13, 1999
A Simple Internet Gateway For Your LAN August 09, 1999
The Firewall Masquerade July 19, 1999
Running Linux In A DOS Partition June 14, 1999
Linux Makes It Easy To Build Your Own Internet Server May 10, 1999

Articles written for BYTE (print edition), Digital Output, Micro Cornucopia, and ESD Magazines

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